5-Star AB Dealer

AB 5-star Dealer

Valley Landscape Center has achieved the highest level of certification from AllanBlock and is ready to help you with your AllanBlock project. We provide experienced staff, provide AllanBlock experts to assist you, provide gravel, geogrid, etc., provide DIY Workshops, provide rental dollies, and provide design assistance.

This Dealer has achieved the following Star Rating based on the attributes and services listed below:

• Dealer has at least 1 truckload (8 pallets of AB products) in stock
• Dealer has AB displays built and labeled
• Dealer has completed annual training on AB products and services for seasonal/yard help employees
• Dealer has completed annual training on AB products and services for counter and customer service staff
• Dealer has completed annual training on AB products and services for owners/managers and supervisors
• Dealer has photos of displays
• Dealer is able to deliver AB products to jobsites
• Dealer has AB literature and manuals in stock and available
• Dealer has AB Point of Purchase material displayed, such as Kiosks banners, etc.
• Dealer has AB Landscape and Courtyard DVDs available
• Dealer offers dolly rental
• Dealer offers homeowner/DIY seminars on AB products yearly
• Dealer receives AB Tutorial (programs/tools) yearly
• Dealer runs AB promotional videos in store
• Dealer offers reinforcement training and options for taller walls
• Dealer has AB in stock: a minimum of 2 truckloads available for pick-up
• Dealer offers other construction materials such as gravel rock, wall rock, tools etc.
• Dealer stocks and sells AB Reinforcement Grid
• Dealer has a website
• Dealer links to allanblock.com
• Dealer employee/s received training at Allan Block University (at least 1 per location)
• Dealer participates in AB Contractor Certification/Training Program
• Dealer promotes AB in local media and home shows
• Dealer provides AB design assistance
• Dealer is AB Exclusive: AB is only SRW product available
• Dealer stocks and sells AB grid for landscape walls 6 feet and under
• Dealer stocks one truckload of each collection offered by the AB manufacturer