Paver Sealer/Stabilizer



Joint Stabilizer & Sealer

NanoPave JSS (NP-JSS) is a revolutionary 2-in-1 joint stabilizer and sealer product for use with pavers, natural stone, and flagstone. NP-JSS creates a strong, durable bond in common sand or crushed stone jointing materials for joints up to 4 inches. NP-JSS is a UV resistant, VOC-free sealant that protects and helps maintain the natural beauty of most paving surfaces.

  • Industry leading, Advanced Formula JSS
  • Water-based, VOC-free, nano-polymer technology
  • Fast curing, long-lasting protection with ultra-high clarity
  • Extreme temperature application range (40°F – 90°F)
  • Formulated to penetrate and stabilize joints up to 4″
  • Available in two breathable sheens: Ghost and Gloss

G3 Pathway Stabilizer

G3 Pathway Stabilizer (G3-PS) is a simple solution for creating custom pathways and patio areas. This eco-friendly liquid polymer stabilizer for decomposed granite (DG) and crushed stone materials yields a durable, dust-free surface in only a few basic steps.

  • Reduces tracking of loose materials
  • Improves surface stability
  • Easy to apply using standard equipment
  • Minimizes dust, weeds, and erosion
  • Eco-friendly